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The Injured Worker – Workers Compensation:

The Injured Worker - Workers Compensation

PhysioFIXX is an approved health care provider under the NSW WorkCover scheme. Following injury in the workplace, a physiotherapy assessment is conducted to allow diagnosis of the injury and planning of the physiotherapy treatment. Regular early physiotherapy servicing will reduce pain and improve function, thus allowing for a speedy recovery from the injury.

Effective rehabilitation includes the prescription of home physiotherapy exercises, gym-based programs, and long-term maintenance programs. Graduated return to work programs are set up to allow early and safe return to the workplace.

If you have sustained a workplace injury:

  • Your Employer will provide you with their details and their insurance company’s details.
  • Contact WorkCover to notify them of the workplace injury. Any injured worker off work for more than 7 days must see doctor and get a WorkCover Medical Certificate.
  • Contact your employer’s insurance company to make a claim. You will need to provide them with your personal details and details associated with the workplace injury
  • You treating doctor will refer you for physiotherapy treatment if appropriate, and you can then make an appointment with our physiotherapy clinic to begin your treatment and embark on your journey to recovery.

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