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Post-operative Rehabilitation

Post-operative Exercise Rehabilitation Sans Souci,Sydney

Unfortunately some injuries cannot escape the reality of having surgery. Surgery is a major undertaking for the body to experience, thus physiotherapy rehabilitation is an important part of aiding you in maximizing the benefits from the surgery.

There are several physiotherapy treatment styles that PhysioFIXX physiotherapists adopt to assist individuals returning to a good physical condition from the injury and the subsequent effects of surgery. Our aim is to decrease pain, improve range of movement and help the muscles to strengthen again in order to assist you in regaining maximum functionality. Physiotherapy exercises are a vital component when considering reaching your full recovery potential. It is the key to eliminating fatigue, getting back to activity safely, and preventing re-injury.


Your physiotherapist will develop an individually tailored exercise program which can be completed both at the physio clinic and at home, based on knowledge of the exact type of surgery. We shall also guide you through a graded program focused on returning to certain activities after your surgery has taken place.

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