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Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Program

Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Program

The Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program was introduced by Medicare in order to provide physiotherapy services as a management of chronic medical, musculoskeletal and neuropathic conditions which can benefit from regular and progressive physiotherapy exercises. These conditions include diabetes, obesity, hypercholesterolaemia, cardiac abnormalities and arthritic conditions.

If you qualify for the Medicare EPC Program:

  • You treating doctor will give you a referral for physiotherapy treatment if appropriate.
  • This referral can give you up to 5 visits (as prescribed by your treating doctor) per year for a physiotherapy service.
  • Contact our experienced physiotherapists’ at PhysioFIXX to make an appointment and begin your treatment and embark on your journey to recovery.
  • Medicare covers the majority of the physiotherapy treatment cost via the EPC Program, hence there is only a small gap fee to be fixed up by the patient.
  • Using Medicare Easy claim at our physiotherapy clinic allows you can lodge your claim and receive your rebate immediately.

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