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Elastoplast Premium Sports Tape 38mm

Elastoplast Premium Sports Tape

Used by physiotherapists and patients for self-management, Elastoplast Sports Tape is a high quality sports physiotherapy product used to increase joint and muscle support and reduce stress over an injured area. This physio equipment also has the capacity to allow a safe return to sport by preventing recurrent injuries via improving joint awareness and transitioning an injured athlete back to their full duties.

Common taping uses:

  • Ankle strapping – to increase support and proprioception of a rolled ankle
  • Knee strapping – to correct knee alignment due to a muscle imbalance around the knee
  • Lower back taping – to support the spine and reduce muscle spasm after an acute injury
  • Postural taping – to reduce stress on the upper back and neck, and retrain the postural muscles’ activation and motor control patterns
  • Shoulder taping – to support an unstable shoulder, particularly following a shoulder dislocation

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