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Why Manual Therapy FIXX’s it:

The clinical team at PhysioFIXX are highly skilled manual therapists who can effectively employ manual therapy techniques to speed up recovery of all musculoskeletal conditions.

Individual joints are initially targeted to eliminate pain and restore joint function, later transitioning to the focus to movement patterns to ensure function is fully restored and optimised.

Manual Therapy Techniques:

PhysioFIXX physiotherapists are trained in a range of evidence-based manual physical therapy treatments which focus on pain elimination, as the initial stage of a treatment pathway which aims to normalise joint and muscle functionality.

Joint Mobilisations Technique PhysioFiXX
Joint Manipulation PhysioFiXX
Soft Tissue Massage PhysioFiXX
Combined Joint And Soft Tissue Therapy PhysioFiXX
Trigger Point Therapy PhysioFiXX
Dry Needling PhysioFiXX
Sports Taping PhysioFiXX
Neural Mobilisation PhysioFiXX
Splinting Fiberglass Casting PhysioFiXX

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